In Between Borders | DE

Explorations into the Realm of Unsharpness and the Interspace
Prof.-Vertr. Matthias Ries

In line with this years theme of the Experimenta Design in Lisbon – No Borders – we will focus on the very seams of them. Exploring the overlappings, interferences and reaching ins from one side of a border into the other, allows us to question their sharpness and position.
Our explorations reach from product, architectural, social, cultural, sensual to geographical and digital borders.
Among many other possible explorational options, some are listed here:

Product e.g. the border between a chair and a table, between a salt and peppershaker, between food and packaging,between a plug and the machine, etc.

Social/Cultural between countries, between Europe and Africa (Lampedusa), between poor and rich, between music and design, food, etc.

Architectural between a private building and a public place, between two sides of a river, between two buildings, etc.

Geographical food, fashion, temperature, landscape, etc.
Others between seeing and hearing, between a ship and the sea, between life and death, between solid and liquid (ice), between warm an cold (icebergs drifting into the warmth), etc.

Product (23.10.2013-23.10.2013)
Social (30.09.2013-23.10.2013)
Info (16.09.2013-16.09.2013)
Interdisciplinary (04.10.2013-23.10.2013)
Architectural (22.10.2013-23.10.2013)
Cultural (18.10.2013-23.10.2013)
Philosophical (04.10.2013-12.10.2013)